Friday, May 8, 2009

Time to start....

I love reading other's blogger. And well, decided I would love to do this myself. I am up early this morning and just can not sleep. And what a better time to start..!!

I am working on some UFO's in my quilting. But need to start on a project that a friend asked me to do. She had some pictures of her family screen printed on some pre-quilted fabric. The fabric is white, and the pic's are cut up in different sizes. The pic's are old, and some of the white fabric they (the pic's) are on turned yellow. Not much - but some. Wonder if I could tea dye them to fix some of that yellowing. Hm mm.....To get a balance of color on the background fabric, without hurting the pictures. Then again, I am going for an old scrapbook looking quilt. And the yellowing just add character. Want to put the pic's on black fabric, have the corners squared off...(like the snowball quilt block corners). To make it look like they are in a scrapbook. And the old scrapbooks pages use to be all black. Oh yeah, I remember those pages. That's why I want them on black fabric. Even, use pinking shears, or the pinking rotary cutter on outside pictures to make them look like the old photo's. Then just use a nice neutral fabric for the background of the quilt. That is my plans on this quilt. Have the ideas, and just hope it works.

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