Friday, October 9, 2009

The Black and Blue Quilt

I made this quilt for my DGD #2. Now my GD is just so fun to be around. She also scares me. That little girl, yes she is only 7 years old, is not afraid of nothing. She runs, throws, jumps, ride, and when we are swimming....she loves to be under water all the time. Just my little tomboy, with black and blue knee's. So when I asked her what color did she want in her quilt for her bed. She told me....I don't like pink, and purple is too girly... how about black and blue.

Black and Blue, oh my. What am I going to make, to keep it light and fun for a little girl. First thing I thought about doing was a string quilt. But the oldest GD has a pink and white string, and I wanted the quilts to be different. So I started looking into my patterns I have, and it was about only 10 minutes, and this pattern just jumped right out at me. I have machine applique a cat in the center of some of the blocks. And I tell you what.....she loves it, and so do I. And it took a 7 yr. old to teach me, that black and blue's can be fun.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sewing Room Tour.

First I have to say - this is my first time making a virtual tour. I think you can tell by watching my video. I used my camera, and it did a nice job. It's me that needs the help..Tehe!!

Yes, I am a lucky quilter to have a finish basement for my quilting area. It is 4 years in the making. I usually ask for items I need as Christmas gifts, etc. My next thing I want is a large Ironing Board. I do love my little retreat area as I call it. I can run and hide here, just have fun. This is about the cleanest it'll ever be. Nothing on the floors is just not me! I don't toss things around, but I do put things on the floor as I am working. And my Threads are not so neat. I do have an embroidery machine that is going all the time. And usually my threads are just laying around the machine area.

So here is my room. As you walk in - There is all type of pictures, wall hangings, and little quilts on my wall. I have bought the pictures here and there, and made most of the quilts. I have 2 tables placed together for pinning, and the sandwich part of the quilting. (Which I do not like..!) There are baskets everywhere with FQ's in them. I just started to collect the 30's FQ...need another basket..!! Then against the wall are 3 large cabinets. 2 of them hold my fabric. I do try to keep the colors together. And one holds my backing fabric and some batting's. On top of the cabinets are boxes with my scraps. I try to cut up my scraps into usable size. But don't always work.

I have shelves to hold stabilizers, and my baskets of fabric. The larger baskets, have projects that need done. My love of my room is the PEG BOARD..!! I would not go without this. Then my Book shelf, for my magazines and books. My desk, I need a new computer here...just a laptop maybe, another gift...?? Cutting table and the table I work on. Have high riser under the table to fix me. Then my TV. I have a DVD - VCR recorder. (Last year gift..!!) I have taped on VCR tapes, all the sewing shows from the past years, and as I work.....I am recording the shows on to a DVD from the VCR tapes. Less room needed from the tapes. And I get to watch the shows as I am taping. And then my sewing area... I do like the cabinet I have. Next to my sewing machines is one of those cabinet that holds those storage boxes....bought it at a close out, real cheap. And my UFO's that I need to work on NOW, are there.

I hope you enjoyed looking into my playroom. Yes, Adults are allowed to have playrooms tooo!! I am going now to look at the other tours also. Please leave a comment, or suggestions, I am always looking for ideas, and crafty way to store things...or hide them ...!!