Friday, October 9, 2009

The Black and Blue Quilt

I made this quilt for my DGD #2. Now my GD is just so fun to be around. She also scares me. That little girl, yes she is only 7 years old, is not afraid of nothing. She runs, throws, jumps, ride, and when we are swimming....she loves to be under water all the time. Just my little tomboy, with black and blue knee's. So when I asked her what color did she want in her quilt for her bed. She told me....I don't like pink, and purple is too girly... how about black and blue.

Black and Blue, oh my. What am I going to make, to keep it light and fun for a little girl. First thing I thought about doing was a string quilt. But the oldest GD has a pink and white string, and I wanted the quilts to be different. So I started looking into my patterns I have, and it was about only 10 minutes, and this pattern just jumped right out at me. I have machine applique a cat in the center of some of the blocks. And I tell you what.....she loves it, and so do I. And it took a 7 yr. old to teach me, that black and blue's can be fun.

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