Friday, May 21, 2010

Pink-Brown-White Baby Quilt for a "BOY"

Amy's Creative Side is having it's 3rd Blogger Quilt Festival.  And I enjoy it so much.  It is a wonderful quilt show.  And the best talented quilters.  The link button is off to the right.  Check it out...!!

Now my sister asked me to make a Pink, Brown and White Baby quilt.  It is for her niece, on her DH's side.  The baby shower was with those colors.  Nice things, the baby cloths, burp cloths, everything in those colors.  She had all those test done, that tells you if it is a boy or girl.  And all of them was "Girl".   It was easy for me to come up with a string quilt for the baby in Pink's.  My own GGD's quilt I made was a pink string quilt.   Here's my GGD's String Quilt.

So I had plenty of left over strings from this quilt.  And what a way to use up my scraps.  A pink baby quilt.  So I made a Star quilt with all the left over strings.  You know, I still have a lot of left over strings scraps.  Think they just multiply in my scrap bins.    And here is the baby quilt I made.                       

On this picture the binding still needed to sewn down.  But yes, here is the Pink, Brown and white baby quilt.  Then my sister called me on Monday morning, and told me that her niece had the baby.  And it was a boy.  Yes, a boy...!!     So off to the drawing board, and I am making a baby boy quilt this week.   I am thinking of Blues, Greens and Yellow's for him.  Have to see what I have.  Or this could be a good excuse to just go shopping....Hmmmm!!  I do need some new fabric....Hmmm.   See what is new in the baby section's.  Well that is my Pink - Brown - White quilt for a boy story.   And I told my sister that he still should get the quilt.  Because that is part of his story.   He can say....Yes, I was supposed to be a Girl..!! 

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