Monday, December 27, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...!!!

Yes, I do hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas.  My DD and her DH along with my 3 GD's spent Christmas with us.  They came and conquered.  They had ripped, tore, played and repeated.  They ate and ate some more.  Only 2 short days with them.  I enjoyed every minute.  BUT...after they left, I took a 4 hr. nap.  And went to bed early.  Whew...!!!   I am still wanting a nap.

So as I am resting, I do want to wish a very safe, healthy, and Happy New Year to all.                             

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Very Busy around Here..!!

I just love this season.  Enjoy the hustle and bustle.  Songs, spirit, family and friends.  Yes, I am one of those crazy 4am shopper on Black Friday.  If the deals are right. And this year I was there, getting some toys for my 3 GD's.    A great deal on a dig camera for the DD.  

My house is dusted, tree is up, outside lights are out and what can I say.  I am tried.  All day yesterday, I probably lifted nothing heavier than my remote control to the TV.  And it felt good.  Didn't cook, we are still reheating left overs.  I do love left overs from T-Day.  To me, it is just as good as the first day.  But after today we are done with Turkey.  Nothing is left...!! 

Started a new job 2 months ago.  Just off training.  Yes 2 months of training.  It killed me.  But still learning.  It'll be a few more months before I am completely comfortable.  It is just the "not knowing".  The job I do, changes every day.  I don't mind change.  But I just learned how to do it this way....Just the other day....Arghhhh!!

I have done some quilting.  Made 2 baby quilts.   My SS's are having babies next year.  And my DH is so excited.  One is made with the Yellow Brick Road pattern, and monkeys on the border.  The other is the Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme panels.  Just love the YBR pattern.  Simple, easy, and love the scrappy look of it.

Have to finish a quilt for my DS and his family yet, for Christmas.  It is half way done.  I like saying half done, then half started.  Makes me feel better about it.  You do know what I mean....!!!!   Just a scrappy jewel box lap quilt.  They wanted something to throw over them on the couch.  And my scrap's just keep multipling.  I do have tons of scraps.  And love it..!!  Do hope everyone has a great, safe, and very nice Holiday.  I am hoping to blog more that I am off training at work...!!   Be talking soon..! 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just taking it Easy..!!

Yes, I am.  Working midnight shifts, which are killing me.  I just can't get into a sleeping pattern yet.  Sleep 4-5 hrs.  Then I am wide awake.  About a few hours before work I lay down for a few more hours.  I would love to sleep right and straight 8 hrs.  I have been doing this for about a month now.  Think I could get into a pattern to sleep better.  But I am working on it.

Little sewing done here.  I do have 2 baby quilts to make.  My SS is expecting a boy, and they have a little boy already.  So I am making both of them little quilts.  I just love making baby quilts.  Most of family have little girls.  So this is going to be fun making little boy quilts.  I have bought 2 little kits to make them.  One with Nursery Rhymes, and the other is just a yellow brick road pattern, with cute colors and monkeys. 

Then after the baby quilts.  Well it'll be time to start working on Christmas gifts.  I have been working and / or planning a Blue and white quilt.  I am making snow globes with my embroidery machine.  And want to set those blocks with blue and white sashing's. Add some snow flakes....don't know yet, but that is the fun or planning.  I should just get me the E7 for my computer.  Would help me more on the planning of quilts,  maybe for my Christmas gift...!!

Have you seen this tutorial on Half Square Triangles or how to make Pinwheels.  I am just so thankful for this idea.  And it works.  Here's the link...

Trust me you'll just love it.  And here's a chart that help with different size.  So to make them you need... -
2 =1 in
2.5 = 1.5
3.5 = 2
4 = 2.5
5 = 3 1/4
5.5 = 3.5
6 = 4
7 = 4.5
8 = 5
8.5 = 5.5
9 = 6
10 = 7

Now Missouri Star Quilt shop just made my quilt making so much easier. 

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just been Busy...!!

Time does go by.  I am unemployed, and just with that said, that takes up a lot of my time.  Looking, sending out resumes, on web sites...networking for the past year.  I have been on at least 13 interviews, and I think I have landed a job.  I will know Monday morning.  I took the drug test and finger printed me....if that clears,  I have the job.  And let me tell you what a relief.  I am a Morning person, and they only had 1 afternoon and 1 midnight position open.  I truly hate afternoon's.  So midnight it is.  I am usually up quilting at nights lately, so I am hopeful I can get into the midnight shift MODE!!   And really looking forward in getting back to work.  I am ready.  And hope it work's out.  Will let cha' know..!!

Now on with quilting.  I have cheated.  Yes cheated.  I had to make a King size quilt for a dear, dear friend.  Well, for me that is just to large to work with.  I am a twin size and smaller kind of gal.  And that is okay with me.  I have came across this king size quilt top that I have just loved, and bought it.  Yes, I bought the King size top. 

Then of course I can't quilt the top on my home machine.  Just to much tug - of - war with a quilt that size.  Sent it off to a longarm'er.  And the price was very cheap, if I say so myself.  And  the Cheated Quilt turned out to be a lovely quilt.  And my dear friends just love it.  These are the best I could do taking pictures of it....because of the size. 

Now I am working on my DD's quilt.  I am doing a pineapple quilt by Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville.  My daughter just love purples, and that is what the back ground fabric is ... a very light purple.  And a lot of my scraps.  I have decided along time ago.  That I am a certain type of quilter.  I am a very traditional piecing type.  Favorite quilts are the scrappy's.  Just love the log cabins and Stars.  And enjoy making lap quilts.    

So that is it for now.  Think I'll get some Z's...and dream about fabric shopping....(after I get the new job!!).

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pink-Brown-White Baby Quilt for a "BOY"

Amy's Creative Side is having it's 3rd Blogger Quilt Festival.  And I enjoy it so much.  It is a wonderful quilt show.  And the best talented quilters.  The link button is off to the right.  Check it out...!!

Now my sister asked me to make a Pink, Brown and White Baby quilt.  It is for her niece, on her DH's side.  The baby shower was with those colors.  Nice things, the baby cloths, burp cloths, everything in those colors.  She had all those test done, that tells you if it is a boy or girl.  And all of them was "Girl".   It was easy for me to come up with a string quilt for the baby in Pink's.  My own GGD's quilt I made was a pink string quilt.   Here's my GGD's String Quilt.

So I had plenty of left over strings from this quilt.  And what a way to use up my scraps.  A pink baby quilt.  So I made a Star quilt with all the left over strings.  You know, I still have a lot of left over strings scraps.  Think they just multiply in my scrap bins.    And here is the baby quilt I made.                       

On this picture the binding still needed to sewn down.  But yes, here is the Pink, Brown and white baby quilt.  Then my sister called me on Monday morning, and told me that her niece had the baby.  And it was a boy.  Yes, a boy...!!     So off to the drawing board, and I am making a baby boy quilt this week.   I am thinking of Blues, Greens and Yellow's for him.  Have to see what I have.  Or this could be a good excuse to just go shopping....Hmmmm!!  I do need some new fabric....Hmmm.   See what is new in the baby section's.  Well that is my Pink - Brown - White quilt for a boy story.   And I told my sister that he still should get the quilt.  Because that is part of his story.   He can say....Yes, I was supposed to be a Girl..!! 

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Where have time gone...!!

It's the end of April all ready.  I have been busy with just sewing different stuff.  Yes, Stuff...!!  I have embroidered some kitchen towels for myself.   Have some with Ice Cream Sundae, Cheesecake, and Chocolate covered Strawberries.  And I love the waffle weave towels, they just clean up and wash up nicely.

I have been making some cute tissue box covers.  I made this one for myself, then I was in a pincushion swap and made a few for the swap.                                                                                                                      

The pincushion swap was just so much fun.  Very talented people made just the cutest PC's.  I love them all.  I can't wait until the next swap,  think I'll start making some now for it.  I have seen some cute patterns for them and want to try them out.                                                                                                                

Also lets talk about Rope Bowls.  On HGTV message board, on a PJ Party, they showed how to make them.  I am addicted to this.  So much fun, and I am using up a lot of my scraps with the bowls.  I have 3 GD's that love putting stuff into them.  And I am making a few for them now.  I have made 3 for myself already.  Simple and just to much fun.  The pink bowl I made is a large bowl and I have my scraps that need to be cut into 5 in squares in the bowl.  (The next quilt I want to make is going to be with 5in squares.)  And a little blue/white bowl under my sewing machine.                                                                                     


That is all for now.  And I will be back soon with some more "Stuff"....I have been making.  Enjoy your day...!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quilting Time....!!

Yes, it has snowed here.  About 18 in.  And to me that is time to quilt.  So let it snow.  I am so very happy just playing and quilting, without feeling to bad about not doing other things.  I am in a Pincushion swap.  My first ever.  So I had seen these pincushion made out of baby food jars.  Yes, bought some baby food.  And cleaned out the jars.  Removing that glue on the glass is the hardest thing to do.  Got a straight razor, and it work out nicely.  Put some novelty item and put into the jar.  Wooden spools, buttons, yo yo's, etc.  And made the top the cushion part.  It's okay for the first one I have ever made.  Think I will play with it some more, maybe add ribbions and bow's, maybe glue some buttons on the outside of it.  Have about a month to play with them.  And do want to play with them..!!

Also have started a scrappy quilt for my neighbors.  Just a simple Buckeye Beauty block.  12 1/2 block.  Have soooo many scraps, that I stopped making the blocks when I hit 60 of them.  Guess I am making some lap quilts for my family.  But they just sew up so easy, and do love the way the quilt looks.

My neighbor, anytime it snow lightly here, he is outside with his lawn mower, plowing a little path for me on my driveway.  And to thank him,  I made the scrappy lap quilt for them.  Also some beer...tehehe.  Need to keep him warm.  I have the best neighbors that a person could ask for.   But for snow like yesterday, I do have someone come by and plow my driveway.  My driveway is a distance, and a little hill.  So we have to have it plowed.   Forgot to shovel my front sidewalk.   My DH had both of his knee's replaced and he is still not up to doing things yet.  And I don't mind doing it.  It get's me outside a little.  Hmmm tomorrow, and the sun should be out.  My front sidewalk is not long about maybe 5 slab's of concrete.  Should not take me long.  Our roads are cleared here.  They are good about it, or use to it.  Might not be at the first hour, but give them some time, and yes, they are working to keep our roads cleared..!!  Well that is it until next time.  Keep safe, and keep warm!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Crown Royal Quilt..!!

I have been quilting for many years. Made quilts for friends, family and everyone I knew who was having a baby. But..... I have never made my DH a quilt.

So I have started to collect Crown Royal bags last March. I have done some research on the bags and I came across some quilts made with them. I love it. I am not a drinker, and my DH is a light weight when it comes to drinking. I would have never collected the bags I needed, so I have asked all my friends, family, and people they know for the bags. By the time summer was here, I had over 100 bags. Large ones, and small ones. Perfect!! I washed them out by hand laid flat to dry.

I knew what pattern I wanted to use to make this quilt. I love stars. And the center would be perfect for the embroidery part of the Crown Royal bag. And that would be the Friendship Star pattern. I bought about 5 yds of the gold fabric for the background fabric. I first thought maybe I should use flannel for the background fabric, since the bags feel like a flannel. Then I decided not to. I made the blocks, and between the blocks I made strips with the corners squares. Or just shashing with corner squares. I used the bags for the strips to. The picture I have here is still with the binding not done. I have to sew it to the back by hand. And I love doing that part...! The only quilting done here is just a simple stitch in the ditch...or close to it...(giggle)..!!

But, over all, my DH totally loves it. And now I can say....yes I have made my DDH a quilt..! Now I am off to make a few scrappy quilts for my family. I have so much scraps that I need to make some quilts with them, and do it now...!! I am working on cutting down my scraps to make the lap quilts. My favorite pattern to do scrap quilts is the buckeye beauty. I just love making them and love the way they look. I am off to make them now...Happy Quilting!!