Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just taking it Easy..!!

Yes, I am.  Working midnight shifts, which are killing me.  I just can't get into a sleeping pattern yet.  Sleep 4-5 hrs.  Then I am wide awake.  About a few hours before work I lay down for a few more hours.  I would love to sleep right and straight 8 hrs.  I have been doing this for about a month now.  Think I could get into a pattern to sleep better.  But I am working on it.

Little sewing done here.  I do have 2 baby quilts to make.  My SS is expecting a boy, and they have a little boy already.  So I am making both of them little quilts.  I just love making baby quilts.  Most of family have little girls.  So this is going to be fun making little boy quilts.  I have bought 2 little kits to make them.  One with Nursery Rhymes, and the other is just a yellow brick road pattern, with cute colors and monkeys. 

Then after the baby quilts.  Well it'll be time to start working on Christmas gifts.  I have been working and / or planning a Blue and white quilt.  I am making snow globes with my embroidery machine.  And want to set those blocks with blue and white sashing's. Add some snow flakes....don't know yet, but that is the fun or planning.  I should just get me the E7 for my computer.  Would help me more on the planning of quilts,  maybe for my Christmas gift...!!

Have you seen this tutorial on Half Square Triangles or how to make Pinwheels.  I am just so thankful for this idea.  And it works.  Here's the link...

Trust me you'll just love it.  And here's a chart that help with different size.  So to make them you need... -
2 =1 in
2.5 = 1.5
3.5 = 2
4 = 2.5
5 = 3 1/4
5.5 = 3.5
6 = 4
7 = 4.5
8 = 5
8.5 = 5.5
9 = 6
10 = 7

Now Missouri Star Quilt shop just made my quilt making so much easier. 

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