Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just been Busy...!!

Time does go by.  I am unemployed, and just with that said, that takes up a lot of my time.  Looking, sending out resumes, on web sites...networking for the past year.  I have been on at least 13 interviews, and I think I have landed a job.  I will know Monday morning.  I took the drug test and finger printed me....if that clears,  I have the job.  And let me tell you what a relief.  I am a Morning person, and they only had 1 afternoon and 1 midnight position open.  I truly hate afternoon's.  So midnight it is.  I am usually up quilting at nights lately, so I am hopeful I can get into the midnight shift MODE!!   And really looking forward in getting back to work.  I am ready.  And hope it work's out.  Will let cha' know..!!

Now on with quilting.  I have cheated.  Yes cheated.  I had to make a King size quilt for a dear, dear friend.  Well, for me that is just to large to work with.  I am a twin size and smaller kind of gal.  And that is okay with me.  I have came across this king size quilt top that I have just loved, and bought it.  Yes, I bought the King size top. 

Then of course I can't quilt the top on my home machine.  Just to much tug - of - war with a quilt that size.  Sent it off to a longarm'er.  And the price was very cheap, if I say so myself.  And  the Cheated Quilt turned out to be a lovely quilt.  And my dear friends just love it.  These are the best I could do taking pictures of it....because of the size. 

Now I am working on my DD's quilt.  I am doing a pineapple quilt by Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville.  My daughter just love purples, and that is what the back ground fabric is ... a very light purple.  And a lot of my scraps.  I have decided along time ago.  That I am a certain type of quilter.  I am a very traditional piecing type.  Favorite quilts are the scrappy's.  Just love the log cabins and Stars.  And enjoy making lap quilts.    

So that is it for now.  Think I'll get some Z's...and dream about fabric shopping....(after I get the new job!!).

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