Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas...and have a Happy New Year!!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Hope Santa was good to you, he was to me, even if I was naughty!! And I will be back soon...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ready for Christmas...

I am. I just love Christmas. Have my tree up around Thanksgiving. My DGD's visited and helped me with my tree this year. Wish they live closer. But... Now I am the type that can leave my tree up all year. I don't, but... Just love this season. Don't like the cold, but love the season. Listening to songs, and all the lights. Live in an area that people do decorate their homes. And will just drive around and enjoy. I am one person that don't like it when Christmas is over. Know you can keep the feeling all year!! But you don't. I know, I know. So I am enjoying it now!!

I made some cute little purse's out of Santa Hats. So they are called Santa Hat Bags. Cut them about 3/4 of the way down, straight across. Pull it inside out, sew across a few times to reinforce it good. Then the tip of the hat with the ball on it. I just sewn it inside of the hat for the closer. You can add a closer to it, did with little Velcros. I think next year I'll have more time, and add a lining in it. This one don't. But it's cute, and big enough to hold you cell phone, keys, and wallet. Just right for a quick fun bag / tote..!!

Well, I am off to do some groceries shopping. And maybe start making some cookies this weekend. Yeah, that's about all I want to do this weekend make some cookies. See ya'.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


With Christmas sooo close. I am working on some gifts. The potato bag. I have been making these for friends and family, then someone told me to watch them, because they can catch fire. Well, I don't want to make them now, and send them out. That's all I need. I have used mine for a few times. I love, love, love it. Here's the direction on how to use them:

Potato Bag

This simple bag creates a “just right” baked potato. The inside is done well yet moist, while the skin remains tender. The bag will cook 1 – 4 med. Potatoes at once. Simply wash and dry the potatoes. DO NOT PRICK!! Wrap potatoes in a paper towel & place in bag. Microwave as instructed by your manufacturer, usually 4-15 min. Let bag Air Dry. Enjoy. Also try this with: Sweet Potatoes, Corn, and Apples.

So before I give them to my sisters, etc. I think I'll do more research on them. If you know of anything about them please let me know....add a comment here. It's made from 100% cotton fabric, threads, and batting....this one is made with 80 - 20 batting.

I have embroidered on some sweatshirts for gifts. One saying I just love was....On Dasher, On Dancer....On Master and Visa.

I finish making a quilt. Black and White string, with Cats applique on a few blocks. My GD's love it. So do I. Just love making string quilts. I love making scrappy quilts, and the way they just turn out. I put this one on Etsy for sale, and hope someone buy and enjoy it..!!

Be back soon. Maybe with more info on the Potato Bags. Happy Quilting!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Busy Making Gifts.

Yes I am. Just busy making things. I have been working on things for the family, and some items for a craft show. I have to work on the craft show a little bit better. And make more items to sell. But for now, I am having fun making things for the family. I have a lot of pot holders, and Hot Pads done. Also snowman toilet paper.

I am having SO much fun making the snow men's. I am in a craft show Nov 13th and 14th. And I hope this will be a big seller. The craft show is a small one. Very small. I like hanging out with the women that put the show together, and spending a few days just hanging out with them. Oh did I mention the food they sell, I love eating there too!!

I am making some red work and blue work pot holders. Still have to sew the binding on the pot holders. I like to have a few table runners ready. But mainly...just a lot of small quick and grab things. I have done a ton of sweatshirts. Have those ready. I like to do sweatshirt with winter embroidery on them, just not Christmas, this way you can where them all winter long. Have a few with Christmas items on them.

I am off to work on more "stuff" for the show. I'll be back, and let you know how my snowman does...!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Black and Blue Quilt

I made this quilt for my DGD #2. Now my GD is just so fun to be around. She also scares me. That little girl, yes she is only 7 years old, is not afraid of nothing. She runs, throws, jumps, ride, and when we are swimming....she loves to be under water all the time. Just my little tomboy, with black and blue knee's. So when I asked her what color did she want in her quilt for her bed. She told me....I don't like pink, and purple is too girly... how about black and blue.

Black and Blue, oh my. What am I going to make, to keep it light and fun for a little girl. First thing I thought about doing was a string quilt. But the oldest GD has a pink and white string, and I wanted the quilts to be different. So I started looking into my patterns I have, and it was about only 10 minutes, and this pattern just jumped right out at me. I have machine applique a cat in the center of some of the blocks. And I tell you what.....she loves it, and so do I. And it took a 7 yr. old to teach me, that black and blue's can be fun.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sewing Room Tour.

First I have to say - this is my first time making a virtual tour. I think you can tell by watching my video. I used my camera, and it did a nice job. It's me that needs the help..Tehe!!

Yes, I am a lucky quilter to have a finish basement for my quilting area. It is 4 years in the making. I usually ask for items I need as Christmas gifts, etc. My next thing I want is a large Ironing Board. I do love my little retreat area as I call it. I can run and hide here, just have fun. This is about the cleanest it'll ever be. Nothing on the floors is just not me! I don't toss things around, but I do put things on the floor as I am working. And my Threads are not so neat. I do have an embroidery machine that is going all the time. And usually my threads are just laying around the machine area.

So here is my room. As you walk in - There is all type of pictures, wall hangings, and little quilts on my wall. I have bought the pictures here and there, and made most of the quilts. I have 2 tables placed together for pinning, and the sandwich part of the quilting. (Which I do not like..!) There are baskets everywhere with FQ's in them. I just started to collect the 30's FQ...need another basket..!! Then against the wall are 3 large cabinets. 2 of them hold my fabric. I do try to keep the colors together. And one holds my backing fabric and some batting's. On top of the cabinets are boxes with my scraps. I try to cut up my scraps into usable size. But don't always work.

I have shelves to hold stabilizers, and my baskets of fabric. The larger baskets, have projects that need done. My love of my room is the PEG BOARD..!! I would not go without this. Then my Book shelf, for my magazines and books. My desk, I need a new computer here...just a laptop maybe, another gift...?? Cutting table and the table I work on. Have high riser under the table to fix me. Then my TV. I have a DVD - VCR recorder. (Last year gift..!!) I have taped on VCR tapes, all the sewing shows from the past years, and as I work.....I am recording the shows on to a DVD from the VCR tapes. Less room needed from the tapes. And I get to watch the shows as I am taping. And then my sewing area... I do like the cabinet I have. Next to my sewing machines is one of those cabinet that holds those storage boxes....bought it at a close out, real cheap. And my UFO's that I need to work on NOW, are there.

I hope you enjoyed looking into my playroom. Yes, Adults are allowed to have playrooms tooo!! I am going now to look at the other tours also. Please leave a comment, or suggestions, I am always looking for ideas, and crafty way to store things...or hide them ...!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Quilting Arts Virtual Tour - Studio's....

Well Quilting Arts is having a Studio tour. It's a virtual tour of studio's. And I love the idea. I am always looking for better ideas for easy storage. And space. I am lucky to have a large sewing room or area. More to mess...!! I receive the Quilting Arts newsletter by email. And they are having a Studio Tour with a Theme Open Studios. It start's October 3. And you can be a part of it. Here's the link to the web site. Check it out...!!

I am going to love looking at other artist studios, or just their sewing space. I remember having to put my sewing machine away my bedroom closet, just because I didn't have room to keep it all out. Luckily that didn't stop me from doing what I love to do...!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Problem Quilt.

I have been looking at this quilt for a long time. It's the Snow Chateau by Michael Miller. When a LQS had it on sale. I bought it. I do love the quilt. I am trying to make a wall hanging for my house for each season. So I needed a winter one.

This quilt was nothing but problems. The directions....wrong. The cutting....wrong. The piecing....wrong. Directions had miss steps. The quilt turn out to be a different size then what it's supposed to be. Had to piece together some strips to make it work. The directions are just totally wrong. Then and since the center is off.....then the borders to fit it is off. Had to figure out what size for the border to fit.

Well, it is done. The only good thing is.....I didn't had to purchase more fabric to make it work. That would be a whole different can of worms. I have contacted Michael Miller web site about this....and you know the drill....sorry about your....!! I have just contacted the LQS and I am waiting to see. But, after all of this, I do like the quilt. Wish the corner squares where a little different. If I had more fabric to fussy cut out better.

So a warning to you. Watch out for this quilt. There are just sooo many problems still with the directions. But it did push me to do some figuring and test me on my quilting skills....just a lot of moments that had me going .... HHmmmm....if I did this, would it work. And it did...!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Another Baby Quilt Finished. But--

I have finished another baby quilt. My nephew's wife is having a baby girl. The Shower is 2 weeks away. And I have the quilt done. YIPPEE!! Usually, I am working on the quilt the night before the shower. It feels good to be done early. Just have to label it. My family is growing, and it is a very nice thing. It feels like I am working on baby quilts all year. I have another one to start for my Niece. I still have a little time. About 4 months...haha..!!

My Quilt Guild is having a Quilt show. So anybody that is close to NE Ohio, come by...I will be working the show Saturday morning until about 4pm. Here's some details....Cascade Quilt Guild


Basket of Quilts XIII

Saturday, September 19th, 10 am - 5 pm

Sunday, September 20th, 12 pm - 5 pm

Bath United Church of Christ

3980 West Bath Rd. Bath, Ohio

It is usually a very nice show. And there's some Vendors, etc.

With the cooler weather coming. This week I want to work in the yard. Get it ready for winter. I have bought some flower bulbs to plant. I don't have to many spring flowers...and I want to fix that..!! And just put my fall decorations out. I just love the 4 seasons here. All of them. Hate the snow on roads - but love the snow on the ground. I have lots of tree's around when it snow is pretty. So I am off to play in the dirt today. Planting some mums, and look at my containers...some of the summer flower's are about done. I have a rock garden in the's been 2 years for this area...and I am always adding or removing something. This is where I have no spring flowers, and want some.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Going to miss my Mom...

Oh this is hard, and sad. My mother passed away on Monday - 24Th - she was 80 yrs. Mom has been sick for the past 8 months, and I know that she is not suffering anymore. But I never wanted her to go. She has raised me and 3 of my sisters alone. Yes, a single parent. Yes we are products of "Father took off". Not rich by far. But growing up, we didn't know that we had nothing. She gave us all the love and care we needed. Never went without. And as I was growing older, I realized how hard she had it. And how hard she worked. And I loved her even more. Mom was always there to help anyone of us...or just anyone.

I love and miss you.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Finished the Paper Dolls quilt for my GD's.

One quilt and 3 GD's. Think they'll fight for it. Usually they play nicely together. They are 9-7-6 yrs. They could lay it out and take turn in dressing the dolls. There's a pocket on the back of the quilt for the all clothing. This way, hopefully, most of the clothing don't get lost. They can easily put them away.

Yeah....right..!! That's is what I am wishing. I give them a month and the clothing will be along the rest of the stuff in the toy box. They do take care of the quilts I have made them. So maybe they will take care of the paper doll quilt and clothing. They just have to be careful.

Over last weekend I had a wonderful weekend. I had a Bonnie Hunter - - Lecture on Friday. And a workshop on Saturday. That is my next project to finish. I have 11 blocks finish and need 20 total. Then the sashing, etc. The quilt is the pineapple blossom. And I can't wait to finish it. My quilt guild put on the workshop. And our next meeting is the 20th. I am hoping to at least have the quilt top done for our meeting. Keep fingers crossed for me...!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finished Baby Quilt...!!

Yippee...!! This baby quilt is finally done. My SIL had a DGD, and I made this quilt for her. I like the quilt. The pattern is cheerful, and bright. A nice baby quilt. The pattern though, had a mistake in the cutting. And yes, I cut out all the pieces before I start quilting. If I was smart....Hmmmm... I would have notice the difference in the cutting directions. But no, I was on my merry way. Zip, zip and zip. The mistake was in the background little triangle pieces. I should have notice that I was cutting the color pieces one size, and the background another. Well, that didn't make a nice triangle block. And usually I don't get mad. Just learn from it. Make a test block. Etc.. But maybe with me getting older... (sign..!!) I did get mad. It took me a few weeks to get back into making this quilt. Like I took a fit, and didn't want to play anymore...haha. But now that it is done. I am glad. And I have learned....maybe the hard way, but have learned. To make test blocks. And that would have saved me allot of fabric. I have my "mistakes" in my scrap pile now. I should cut some color fabric that size, and make little blocks. One day....

I am also finishing up the Paper Doll quilt for my GD's. I have to finish putting on the binding, and cutting out the rest of the clothing. I iron on fusible fleece on the back of the clothing fabric, so the clothing won't slide off the paper doll's when they play with it. And to me....that is the hardest part. Cutting out the cloths for them. Will be done with it this weekend. I have also sewn a large pocket on the back of the quilt to put the clothing into it...with Velcros on top of the pocket to close it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A baby quilt.....

Well, I am working on a Baby Quilt, that I just can-not get into. I have been working on it for awhile. I have all the little blocks done. And I think that was my problem. It's a pattern with little triangles to make a little fan. It just dealing with the little pieces. I am a quilter that likes to work with 2 1/2 strips, and nothing smaller then a 2 in square. Yes I like blocks that end up being about 12 1/2 unfinish. And this quilt the blocks are 6 1/2 unfinish. Yeah....that is my problem, and that is why it is taking me forever to get into making this quilt. And I have's for my SIL GD. So I am off to finish this baby quilt by this weekend....!! I'll post pictures when I do finish it.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just love BOM's....

I have so many BOM's to do. I find them, and save them into my computer. Also my LQS has a few. Every 3rd Wednesday of the month I am there collecting 2 different - BOMs. I do this every year. Then I start next year - working on a BOM that I have - had for 2 years or so. Am I the only one that get's herself into a mess like this??
I had 18 UFO's at the beginning of this year. Most of them was BOMs. I am now down to 6. Yes, 6. It feel's so good to finish and get the quilt done. But here I go, and start collecting some BOMs, and then they turn into UFO's. Hmmmm...!!

Here's a BOM I just finished. And yes it's 2 yrs. old. But finished...!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Finish the quilt for my Friend

Well, I finished the photo quilt that my friend asked me to. I put the photo's on black background fabric. Make it look like the old scrapebook pages. When they were just nothing but black. I pinked cut -out the photo's to also make them look old. Remember when all the photos would have that, and times when the date was printed on the white part of the photo's. Even put black corners on them.

My friend loved it. And I also like the way it turned out. Here's the finish project. I do like having the time to quilt. And try to finish up all my UFO's. I am off to quilt some more...Yippee!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Plenty of Time..

Well I got laid off from my job. I have been in mourning for a few weeks. Yes, how does that go. First shock, anger, denial, worry, I think I am on depression. What I don't like the most about the whole situation is... I'll be 50 this year, and have to start over. I want to work on retiring not starting over. I was with the company for 8 yrs. DH and myself moved in this area 9 yrs ago....his job relocated here. I loved the job, love the area, etc. I am being offered some perks from the company for being let-go. Like retraining, and help with resumes, etc. I know the job market here is slim.

Think I will go to my sewing room, and quilt for a long while. And just play with some of scraps, I need to finish the quilt I am working on for a friend .... with those photo's. Yeah, I am heading to do some quilting and eat chocolate. That should help with my depression...!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Here's some pictures of the quilt.....

I have posted earlier about the pictures my friend asked me to work on. I am posting some pictures of them. So I can keep track of progress for me. Here's what they look like...!!

Time to start....

I love reading other's blogger. And well, decided I would love to do this myself. I am up early this morning and just can not sleep. And what a better time to start..!!

I am working on some UFO's in my quilting. But need to start on a project that a friend asked me to do. She had some pictures of her family screen printed on some pre-quilted fabric. The fabric is white, and the pic's are cut up in different sizes. The pic's are old, and some of the white fabric they (the pic's) are on turned yellow. Not much - but some. Wonder if I could tea dye them to fix some of that yellowing. Hm mm.....To get a balance of color on the background fabric, without hurting the pictures. Then again, I am going for an old scrapbook looking quilt. And the yellowing just add character. Want to put the pic's on black fabric, have the corners squared off...(like the snowball quilt block corners). To make it look like they are in a scrapbook. And the old scrapbooks pages use to be all black. Oh yeah, I remember those pages. That's why I want them on black fabric. Even, use pinking shears, or the pinking rotary cutter on outside pictures to make them look like the old photo's. Then just use a nice neutral fabric for the background of the quilt. That is my plans on this quilt. Have the ideas, and just hope it works.