Friday, January 15, 2010

Crown Royal Quilt..!!

I have been quilting for many years. Made quilts for friends, family and everyone I knew who was having a baby. But..... I have never made my DH a quilt.

So I have started to collect Crown Royal bags last March. I have done some research on the bags and I came across some quilts made with them. I love it. I am not a drinker, and my DH is a light weight when it comes to drinking. I would have never collected the bags I needed, so I have asked all my friends, family, and people they know for the bags. By the time summer was here, I had over 100 bags. Large ones, and small ones. Perfect!! I washed them out by hand laid flat to dry.

I knew what pattern I wanted to use to make this quilt. I love stars. And the center would be perfect for the embroidery part of the Crown Royal bag. And that would be the Friendship Star pattern. I bought about 5 yds of the gold fabric for the background fabric. I first thought maybe I should use flannel for the background fabric, since the bags feel like a flannel. Then I decided not to. I made the blocks, and between the blocks I made strips with the corners squares. Or just shashing with corner squares. I used the bags for the strips to. The picture I have here is still with the binding not done. I have to sew it to the back by hand. And I love doing that part...! The only quilting done here is just a simple stitch in the ditch...or close to it...(giggle)..!!

But, over all, my DH totally loves it. And now I can say....yes I have made my DDH a quilt..! Now I am off to make a few scrappy quilts for my family. I have so much scraps that I need to make some quilts with them, and do it now...!! I am working on cutting down my scraps to make the lap quilts. My favorite pattern to do scrap quilts is the buckeye beauty. I just love making them and love the way they look. I am off to make them now...Happy Quilting!!


  1. Wow, that looks like my design and I did not even know there was this site on pintrest...

  2. can you tell me the name of the gold fabric you used?