Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quilting Time....!!

Yes, it has snowed here.  About 18 in.  And to me that is time to quilt.  So let it snow.  I am so very happy just playing and quilting, without feeling to bad about not doing other things.  I am in a Pincushion swap.  My first ever.  So I had seen these pincushion made out of baby food jars.  Yes, bought some baby food.  And cleaned out the jars.  Removing that glue on the glass is the hardest thing to do.  Got a straight razor, and it work out nicely.  Put some novelty item and put into the jar.  Wooden spools, buttons, yo yo's, etc.  And made the top the cushion part.  It's okay for the first one I have ever made.  Think I will play with it some more, maybe add ribbions and bow's, maybe glue some buttons on the outside of it.  Have about a month to play with them.  And do want to play with them..!!

Also have started a scrappy quilt for my neighbors.  Just a simple Buckeye Beauty block.  12 1/2 block.  Have soooo many scraps, that I stopped making the blocks when I hit 60 of them.  Guess I am making some lap quilts for my family.  But they just sew up so easy, and do love the way the quilt looks.

My neighbor, anytime it snow lightly here, he is outside with his lawn mower, plowing a little path for me on my driveway.  And to thank him,  I made the scrappy lap quilt for them.  Also some beer...tehehe.  Need to keep him warm.  I have the best neighbors that a person could ask for.   But for snow like yesterday, I do have someone come by and plow my driveway.  My driveway is a distance, and a little hill.  So we have to have it plowed.   Forgot to shovel my front sidewalk.   My DH had both of his knee's replaced and he is still not up to doing things yet.  And I don't mind doing it.  It get's me outside a little.  Hmmm tomorrow, and the sun should be out.  My front sidewalk is not long about maybe 5 slab's of concrete.  Should not take me long.  Our roads are cleared here.  They are good about it, or use to it.  Might not be at the first hour, but give them some time, and yes, they are working to keep our roads cleared..!!  Well that is it until next time.  Keep safe, and keep warm!

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