Saturday, April 24, 2010

Where have time gone...!!

It's the end of April all ready.  I have been busy with just sewing different stuff.  Yes, Stuff...!!  I have embroidered some kitchen towels for myself.   Have some with Ice Cream Sundae, Cheesecake, and Chocolate covered Strawberries.  And I love the waffle weave towels, they just clean up and wash up nicely.

I have been making some cute tissue box covers.  I made this one for myself, then I was in a pincushion swap and made a few for the swap.                                                                                                                      

The pincushion swap was just so much fun.  Very talented people made just the cutest PC's.  I love them all.  I can't wait until the next swap,  think I'll start making some now for it.  I have seen some cute patterns for them and want to try them out.                                                                                                                

Also lets talk about Rope Bowls.  On HGTV message board, on a PJ Party, they showed how to make them.  I am addicted to this.  So much fun, and I am using up a lot of my scraps with the bowls.  I have 3 GD's that love putting stuff into them.  And I am making a few for them now.  I have made 3 for myself already.  Simple and just to much fun.  The pink bowl I made is a large bowl and I have my scraps that need to be cut into 5 in squares in the bowl.  (The next quilt I want to make is going to be with 5in squares.)  And a little blue/white bowl under my sewing machine.                                                                                     


That is all for now.  And I will be back soon with some more "Stuff"....I have been making.  Enjoy your day...!!

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