Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sewing Room Tour.

First I have to say - this is my first time making a virtual tour. I think you can tell by watching my video. I used my camera, and it did a nice job. It's me that needs the help..Tehe!!

Yes, I am a lucky quilter to have a finish basement for my quilting area. It is 4 years in the making. I usually ask for items I need as Christmas gifts, etc. My next thing I want is a large Ironing Board. I do love my little retreat area as I call it. I can run and hide here, just have fun. This is about the cleanest it'll ever be. Nothing on the floors is just not me! I don't toss things around, but I do put things on the floor as I am working. And my Threads are not so neat. I do have an embroidery machine that is going all the time. And usually my threads are just laying around the machine area.

So here is my room. As you walk in - There is all type of pictures, wall hangings, and little quilts on my wall. I have bought the pictures here and there, and made most of the quilts. I have 2 tables placed together for pinning, and the sandwich part of the quilting. (Which I do not like..!) There are baskets everywhere with FQ's in them. I just started to collect the 30's FQ...need another basket..!! Then against the wall are 3 large cabinets. 2 of them hold my fabric. I do try to keep the colors together. And one holds my backing fabric and some batting's. On top of the cabinets are boxes with my scraps. I try to cut up my scraps into usable size. But don't always work.

I have shelves to hold stabilizers, and my baskets of fabric. The larger baskets, have projects that need done. My love of my room is the PEG BOARD..!! I would not go without this. Then my Book shelf, for my magazines and books. My desk, I need a new computer here...just a laptop maybe, another gift...?? Cutting table and the table I work on. Have high riser under the table to fix me. Then my TV. I have a DVD - VCR recorder. (Last year gift..!!) I have taped on VCR tapes, all the sewing shows from the past years, and as I work.....I am recording the shows on to a DVD from the VCR tapes. Less room needed from the tapes. And I get to watch the shows as I am taping. And then my sewing area... I do like the cabinet I have. Next to my sewing machines is one of those cabinet that holds those storage boxes....bought it at a close out, real cheap. And my UFO's that I need to work on NOW, are there.

I hope you enjoyed looking into my playroom. Yes, Adults are allowed to have playrooms tooo!! I am going now to look at the other tours also. Please leave a comment, or suggestions, I am always looking for ideas, and crafty way to store things...or hide them ...!!

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