Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Problem Quilt.

I have been looking at this quilt for a long time. It's the Snow Chateau by Michael Miller. When a LQS had it on sale. I bought it. I do love the quilt. I am trying to make a wall hanging for my house for each season. So I needed a winter one.

This quilt was nothing but problems. The directions....wrong. The cutting....wrong. The piecing....wrong. Directions had miss steps. The quilt turn out to be a different size then what it's supposed to be. Had to piece together some strips to make it work. The directions are just totally wrong. Then and since the center is off.....then the borders to fit it is off. Had to figure out what size for the border to fit.

Well, it is done. The only good thing is.....I didn't had to purchase more fabric to make it work. That would be a whole different can of worms. I have contacted Michael Miller web site about this....and you know the drill....sorry about your....!! I have just contacted the LQS and I am waiting to see. But, after all of this, I do like the quilt. Wish the corner squares where a little different. If I had more fabric to fussy cut out better.

So a warning to you. Watch out for this quilt. There are just sooo many problems still with the directions. But it did push me to do some figuring and test me on my quilting skills....just a lot of moments that had me going .... HHmmmm....if I did this, would it work. And it did...!!

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