Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just love BOM's....

I have so many BOM's to do. I find them, and save them into my computer. Also my LQS has a few. Every 3rd Wednesday of the month I am there collecting 2 different - BOMs. I do this every year. Then I start next year - working on a BOM that I have - had for 2 years or so. Am I the only one that get's herself into a mess like this??
I had 18 UFO's at the beginning of this year. Most of them was BOMs. I am now down to 6. Yes, 6. It feel's so good to finish and get the quilt done. But here I go, and start collecting some BOMs, and then they turn into UFO's. Hmmmm...!!

Here's a BOM I just finished. And yes it's 2 yrs. old. But finished...!!

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