Monday, November 2, 2009

Busy Making Gifts.

Yes I am. Just busy making things. I have been working on things for the family, and some items for a craft show. I have to work on the craft show a little bit better. And make more items to sell. But for now, I am having fun making things for the family. I have a lot of pot holders, and Hot Pads done. Also snowman toilet paper.

I am having SO much fun making the snow men's. I am in a craft show Nov 13th and 14th. And I hope this will be a big seller. The craft show is a small one. Very small. I like hanging out with the women that put the show together, and spending a few days just hanging out with them. Oh did I mention the food they sell, I love eating there too!!

I am making some red work and blue work pot holders. Still have to sew the binding on the pot holders. I like to have a few table runners ready. But mainly...just a lot of small quick and grab things. I have done a ton of sweatshirts. Have those ready. I like to do sweatshirt with winter embroidery on them, just not Christmas, this way you can where them all winter long. Have a few with Christmas items on them.

I am off to work on more "stuff" for the show. I'll be back, and let you know how my snowman does...!!

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