Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ready for Christmas...

I am. I just love Christmas. Have my tree up around Thanksgiving. My DGD's visited and helped me with my tree this year. Wish they live closer. But... Now I am the type that can leave my tree up all year. I don't, but... Just love this season. Don't like the cold, but love the season. Listening to songs, and all the lights. Live in an area that people do decorate their homes. And will just drive around and enjoy. I am one person that don't like it when Christmas is over. Know you can keep the feeling all year!! But you don't. I know, I know. So I am enjoying it now!!

I made some cute little purse's out of Santa Hats. So they are called Santa Hat Bags. Cut them about 3/4 of the way down, straight across. Pull it inside out, sew across a few times to reinforce it good. Then the tip of the hat with the ball on it. I just sewn it inside of the hat for the closer. You can add a closer to it, did with little Velcros. I think next year I'll have more time, and add a lining in it. This one don't. But it's cute, and big enough to hold you cell phone, keys, and wallet. Just right for a quick fun bag / tote..!!

Well, I am off to do some groceries shopping. And maybe start making some cookies this weekend. Yeah, that's about all I want to do this weekend make some cookies. See ya'.

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