Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finished Baby Quilt...!!

Yippee...!! This baby quilt is finally done. My SIL had a DGD, and I made this quilt for her. I like the quilt. The pattern is cheerful, and bright. A nice baby quilt. The pattern though, had a mistake in the cutting. And yes, I cut out all the pieces before I start quilting. If I was smart....Hmmmm... I would have notice the difference in the cutting directions. But no, I was on my merry way. Zip, zip and zip. The mistake was in the background little triangle pieces. I should have notice that I was cutting the color pieces one size, and the background another. Well, that didn't make a nice triangle block. And usually I don't get mad. Just learn from it. Make a test block. Etc.. But maybe with me getting older... (sign..!!) I did get mad. It took me a few weeks to get back into making this quilt. Like I took a fit, and didn't want to play anymore...haha. But now that it is done. I am glad. And I have learned....maybe the hard way, but have learned. To make test blocks. And that would have saved me allot of fabric. I have my "mistakes" in my scrap pile now. I should cut some color fabric that size, and make little blocks. One day....

I am also finishing up the Paper Doll quilt for my GD's. I have to finish putting on the binding, and cutting out the rest of the clothing. I iron on fusible fleece on the back of the clothing fabric, so the clothing won't slide off the paper doll's when they play with it. And to me....that is the hardest part. Cutting out the cloths for them. Will be done with it this weekend. I have also sewn a large pocket on the back of the quilt to put the clothing into it...with Velcros on top of the pocket to close it.

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